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Google Releases First Self-Developed Smartphone This Year

Google plans to move the smartphone world by creating its own smartphones for the first time. In the past, the tech giant has endorsed partners such as Huawei and LG to create Nexus phones, but for the first time the company may be stepping its feet into the cold waters of the smartphone world.

Google has provided software support for phones before, but always left the work of developing smartphones to other companies. Notably, the recent Nexus 5X and 6P have been popular phones. A telegraph article suggests that Google may be finally looking to change that. It may be creating a smartphone subsidiary by manufacturing smartphones itself under the company name.

Apple is the only smartphone company that currently dominates the high-end smartphone market, which has its own operating system. The rapid succession of new releases and methods of integrating Android OS by many smartphone companies means a big delay in OS updates, and other such inconveniences. If Google creates its own phone, software could be easily modified to match its needs and we can expect much less issues and bugs with the final product. If everything is executed perfectly, the new phones may end up in the high-end bracket, against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Google has largely remained as a software company. It owns the Android operating system, which is the most widely used operating system in smartphones currently. About 1.4 billion smartphones currently run on Android around the world. In fact, the European Commission has claimed that the company has abused Android’s dominance, by creating a monopoly and further pushing its own search engine and Chrome browser.

Google plans to continue the Nexus series, but will continue to do its own thing. The company’s new hardware division will finally have something to get their hands dirty on. Due to this, the consumers and critics will eventually see how capable the team is. Google is also said to be working on a modular phone concept codenamed Project Ara, due to release by 2017.

Kumail Pirzada
Ahmed Kumail Pirzada is a Karachi based life-long gamer and tech enthusiast. At only 18 years of age, being a high school graduate, Kumail has decent experience in freelance writing and volunteer writing. His interests lie in Esports, PC gaming and anything tech related; and keeps up to date with new projects around the world through his research skills.


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