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God of War Will Feature No Multiplayer Elements

The last installment, God of War: Ascension, featured a multiplayer component for the first time in the franchise’s history. In the wake of much speculation, it was being assumed that the upcoming new game will also feature a similar online mode. However, game director Cory Barlog has revealed that the title will incorporate no such multiplayer elements.

Barlog explained that God of War games have always been about a core single-player campaign experience. The multiplayer in God of War: Ascension was an experimentation from the developer, but one which did not fit well with both fans and the studio. Hence, there is little reason to include an online mode for the new title, when the team can put all of its focus on the single-player story.

The game leaves behind Greek mythology and is going to follow events based on Norse mythology instead. It is confirmed to take place “years” after the happenings of God of War 3. The earth has somehow managed to heal itself and an aged Kratos is trying to act the part of a parent for a young boy. This time around, Kratos is not the angry character we all remember him to be. He’s trying to hold his rage, and we’ll have to see if he’s successful with that ordeal.

God of War is suggested to release in late 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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