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God of War Features New Varied Combat System

There’s new information passed on by developer Santa Monica Studio regarding the combat mechanics of God of War.

While it will still carry forward a few elements from the previous games, the new God of War is essentially heading onto a new design path. This week saw Lead Gameplay Engineer Jeet Shroff point out how the game will feature a new combat system that encourages players to get closer and personal with foes, rather than dancing on the battlefield with long-range arching attacks.

As showcased during the game’s reveal at E3 2016, Kratos will be able to switch on-the-fly between varied combat options. He can choose to hack his enemies with his axe, throw it as a menacing projectile only to recall it back into his hands, and rely on brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Just mixing that play-style between using the axe, throwing the axe away, switching to bare hands, bringing that back and then combining, provides a really fun combat experience.

God of War will feature plenty of RPG elements as well, which will accentuate the relationship between Kratos and his son in the game. A dedicated button will summon the young boy to fight alongside Kratos and will also level up through the progression. Shroff confirmed that both Kratos and his son will earn experience to unlock new abilities that will help players in numerous scenarios.

More on these unlockable abilities will be shared in the time to come.

The new game takes place right after the events of God of War 3 and is going to move away from Greek mythology to incorporate Norse mythology as its staple lore. The developer has also confirmed that players will be able to journey through all nine realms in Norse mythology, which alone is a very exciting prospect for fans.

God of War is still without a release date but it’s assumed that the game will release in fall 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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