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Game Of Thrones-Themed Special Edition Xbox One Revealed by Microsoft

In celebration of today’s conclusion of Season 6, Microsoft has announced a Special Edition Xbox One console that is themed around Game of Thrones.

The design may not be sleek, but is still incredible enough to attract fans. Ivory carvings run across the box, with the Game of Thrones logo glowing under swirling metal pieces sticking out from the top. Additionally, the console comes with a custom-themed controller as well; black as night with trails of embers running across.

Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones-themed Special Edition Xbox One console is not for sale. Announced exclusively for France, the regional Xbox team is going to be giving it away through its Xbox France social media pages. Apparently, there are only three and one each will be given away through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

In April, Xbox France held a similar competition where it gave away an Iron Man-themed Special Edition Xbox One console. That was a thing of beauty! Allegedly designed by Tony Stark himself, the console came in all white and had an Arc Reactor in the middle that lit up. The Stark Industries logo was plastered on the side, and a matching controller completed the bundle.

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