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Fallout 4 DLC Detailed for the Next Three Months

Fallout 4 will receive three downloadable content packs over the next three months, Bethesda Softworks announced during its E3 2016 press conference earlier today.

The first is called “Contraptions” and is scheduled to release next week as the fourth major expansion pack for the game. Owners of the DLC pack will gain access to build all kinds of machines and devices, such as elevators, armor, weapon racks, sorting machines, and conveyor belts.

The next DLC pack is called “Vault-Tec Workshop” and is scheduled to release in July. Owners of this DLC pack will be able to build their own vaults, raise settlements, and manage vault dwellers.

Finally, “Nuka World” will launch in August. Unfortunately, Bethesda has not shared any details for this DLC pack. In a trailer shown during E3 2016, Nuka World was depicted as a theme park. We’ll likely hear more from the developer once we approach the month of August. Before that, it’s likely that Bethesda will keep its focus on the first two expansion packs.

Interested fans can opt to purchase the Fallout 4 Season Pass for $49.99. The pass was originally announced to cost $29.99, but Bethesda soon stepped in afterwards to raise the price to justify the amount of content it is working on.

Fallout 4 has so far received three major DLC packs: Automatron (March), Wasteland Workshop (April), and Far Harbor (May).

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