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EA Originals Program Announced to Support Indie Games

During its EA Play event, Electronic Arts announced a new EA Originals program that is going to work towards supporting indie developers.

The initiative will be seeking to support “small developers” and helping them achieve “unique, gorgeous, innovative and memorable” games by providing resources, funding, marketing and publishing services. Executive Vice President of EA Patrick Soderlund added that all profits from EA Originals will be driven back to the developers.

The first game resulting from the EA Original program is called Fe, a “personal narrative about our relationship with nature” that is being developed by a small studio based in Gothenburg. Players take control of a young cub that awakens alone in the forest. From there on, it must learn the language of the forest and communicate with the surroundings to help protect nature from impending dangers.

It’s unknown as to what platforms Fe is targeting. More information is probably going to arrive later on, but for now you can go through the purplish debut trailer below.

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