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DOOM: Unto The Evil DLC Brings Playable Harvester Demon

Bethesda is not done with its magnificent DOOM reboot. During its E3 2016 press conference today, the developer outlined a whole series of content that is being prepared to release for the game’s multiplayer mode and SnapMap level editor.

Firstly, SnapMap is getting new construction models and logic options to make it fully possible to create “true single-player experiences”. Accompanying that is a new Hell visual theme for level editors to toy with, as well as access to new weapons, props and various other items. Most importantly, the weapon wheel from the campaign mode is going to jump over into the hands of SnapMap editors.

Secondly, the multiplayer mode will soon get new game types. The developer revealed two of these as Exodus (Capture the Flag) and Sector (King of the Hill). In addition to that, Id Software is also going to release new Free-for-All modes later in the year, including the classic Deathmatch.

Both updates for the SnapMap and multiplayer mode will be released for free. The publisher categorically stated that it intends to fulfill its promise of free updates and content throughout the game’s life. It’s unsure as to just how much add-on content the game will receive this year and what portion of it will be free. Previously, Bethesda Softworks stated that DOOM would receive a mix of free and paid post-release content, including three multiplayer DLC packs.

Moving on, Bethesda detailed the first major expansion pack for DOOM. Called Unto The Evil, it will introduce a new playable demon called Harvester which can zap the life out of any foe. The DLC will also include new multiplayer maps, a brand new gun and armor.

Finally, a VR version of DOOM was also announced that will be fully compatible with HTC Vive. No further details were shared, but the game is available on the E3 show-floor for attendees to try out.

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