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Dead Rising 4 Rumored for Reveal at E3 2016

Dead Rising 4 has apparently been leaked ahead of schedule, and will be officially announced at E3 2016 next week.

Posters and screenshots captured from gameplay footage, allegedly intended for showcasing at the event, have been posted online by ThisGenGaming. According to the published material, Frank West is back and will be smashing the undead to smithereens in Colorado, the same setting used for the first Dead Rising game.

It’s also hinted that Dead Rising 4 will have some special relationship with Microsoft for the Xbox One console. Let’s not forget that Dead Rising 3 was released as an exclusive title for the console, arriving to PC at a later date. Hence, it’s possible that Microsoft and Capcom could use the same exclusivity deal for another installment.

That being said, Microsoft has been pushing its support for the PC platform. It’s also possible that we see the game launch for both platforms simultaneously. On that note, let’s hope that it’s not exclusive to the Windows Store medium.

Recalling Capcom’s earnings report from May, the company announced plans to launch three unannounced games before April 2017. Dead Rising 4 could be part of that list. A previous rumor suggested that Capcom would be announcing Resident Evil 7 and State of Decay at E3 2016 as well. If this materializes, Capcom’s presence on stage would essentially be revolving around death.

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