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Breath of the Wild Could Potentially Sell 10 Million Consoles: Patcher

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild carries an immense promise of success for Nintendo in the eyes of Michael Patcher. The industry analyst from Wedbush Securities believes that the game is going to crunch some serious numbers, helping Nintendo sell around 10 million consoles in quick time.

While speaking with Gamertag Radio, he weighed his opinion over the fact that any Nintendo NX owner will definitely not walk out of a store without buying a copy of the game. This potentially makes Breath of the Wild as a core system seller for Nintendo.

I think probably only Wii U owners will buy Zelda [sic], but I think everybody who buys an NX will absolutely buy it, and I think it will sell them 10 million consoles pretty quickly. Zelda looked great. I mean, it really looks like a good game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is shaping up to be a stunning addition to the high-fantasy action-adventure franchise. Even with a significant delay that has pushed the game’s release into 2017, fans are still anticipating the moment when they can step foot inside the new lush world.

Nintendo NX is pegged for a launch in March 2017. We’re still awaiting a confirmation on a price point, but Patcher has previously predicted it to be $300. Additionally, in contrast to his earlier predictions, Patcher now believes that Nintendo NX is going to be a much more powerful console than what people are speculating.

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