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Blizzard Wants a Game Director to Lead “Diablo Series Into the Future”

It was in March when Blizzard updated its careers page to include new job vacancies for a project related to the Diablo franchise. While we’re still unsure whether the developer is working on a new Diablo IV or an expansion pack for Diablo III, the careers page has been updated again to seek a Game Director that can “lead the series into the future.”

According to the job listing, the candidate will be the “vision holder for the franchise” and should carry “proven experience in creative direction.” He/She should be well versed with Diablo games and carry the capacity to interact with the player community. Most importantly, Blizzard is looking for someone with a stellar record in shipping multiple AAA products as a game or creative director.

Judging from the demanding description, it really looks like Blizzard has opted for a new installment to the action role-playing series. That being said, if such is indeed happening, the game is likely in its very early stages of development. Hence, we’re unlikely to hear about it any time soon. Blizzard is only going to start revealing the game when there’s actually something to show to us. Fans shouldn’t expect anything to appear in the next year at least.

Diablo III received the Reaper of Souls expansion back in 2014. While the base game took several hits from critics, timely updates helped Diablo III mend many fences. Personally, the Reaper of Souls DLC was an amazing experience, and one I found better than the base game.

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