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Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet Receives New Metal Chassis and 64GB Storage Option

Amazon’s Fire tablets are known to be some of the most cost-effective and best bang-for-your-buck tablet solutions in the market but with the industry generally focusing on its $50 Kindle Fire tablet rather than its to its lower price and the fact that Apple’s offerings tend to dominate the higher end market. It is therefore of little surprise that Amazon’s 10-inch tablet, aptly dubbed the Fire HD 10, despite its excellent price point gets little attention especially given that it shares many design traits with its smaller sibling, the most damning aspect of the Fire 10 is that it simple feels like a toy above all else compared to the iPad lineup which has an aluminium back.

Amazon seems to have rectified the problem, silently pushing a more premium variant of the Fire 10, this time with an aluminium back version described as Silver Aluminium. The unit is available at the same price as its other models and has the same specifications, indicating that the only major change has been cosmetic in nature.

The Fire HD 10 however, no longer comes in one storage option with the 16gb model, which was the de facto version retaining its price point at $229.99 and a new 64gb model being offered to consumers at the price of $289.99. There have been no other features added and the Fire 10 remains essentially the same tablet despite a higher base storage capacity offering and a new finish. The former is a non-story given that the Fire HD 10 already allows users to increase their device capacity via a build in Micro SD card slot to up to 128gb in addition to its base 16GB.

Whether this is able to accelerate the iPad’s demise remains to be seen; Apple has responded to lower revenue and ASPs in the market for the iPad Air 2 by essentially forgoing an upgrade on the device, choosing to push a new 9.7 inch iPad Pro instead, leaving a large vacuum that many tablet manufacturers, including those based on Android are more than willing to accommodate in the industry against an aging mid-range iPad Air 2.

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