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All Titanfall 2 DLC Will Release for Free

All future Titanfall 2 multiplayer map packs, add-on content, and other DLC-related updates will be released for free to the community, confirmed Respawn Entertainment.

The developer intends to talk more on post-release content once we approach the game’s release date. However, for now, the studio wants to make it clear that it has no intention of dividing a community by releasing paid DLC packs. In that scenario, half of the players get access to newer maps, while the rest stick to the vanilla content. A divide is formed and players can no longer enjoy newer content together.

According to head of development, David Wightman, the idea of people buying a game at full price and then spending more money on smaller DLC packs is repulsive. Respawn Entertainment is committed to offering quality support for the game after its release, but it won’t be charging for it.

With the first Titanfall game, many felt that they were abandoned by the developer with just a couple of months into release. Seems like that won’t happen this time around.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled for release on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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